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La Turballe’s Fishing Port


Discover La Turballe’s port with its colourful fleet, fish market and fishermen. Discover the trawlers which return filled with anchovies and sardines as well as seabass and tuna. The famous port of the Atlantic coast is a must-see, and the Fishing House and the Au gré des Vents sardine boat encourage you to explore!

Fishing is the flagship activity of the Guérande Peninsula… and La Turballe is one of its greatest ambassadors. Nearly 48 pelagic trawlers are active in La Turballe’s Port today, making it the 11th most valuable French fishing port and the 8th port in terms of tonnage.

La Turballe specialises in anchovy fishing with catches of more than 2,000 tonnes. Sardines, sea bass, tuna, mackerel, cuttlefish and hake are just some of the species caught.

Trawl fishing happens all year round, with sardines and anchovies being caught from spring until autumn. Outside these periods, seabass, hake, young hake, sea bream, cuttlefish and sometimes tuna are caught. If you’re an early bird, the early morning spectacle during which boats return filled with fish and the fish market auction are both unmissable highlights which, even on holiday, are worthy of setting an alarm!

At the heart of the tidal centre in La Turballe’s port, you can experience a unique moment and really learn about the species that are caught and how they are sold through auction.

For those who want to learn even more, introductory fishing lessons are offered by fishermen who are happy to teach you and share their passion with you!


There are 2 places to go in La Turballe to find out more about the fishing activities:

The Au Gré des Vents sardine boat (La Turballe port) and the Fishing House (Centre de Marée terrace) museum.


Port de la Turballe