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Trescalan Belvedere


From the platform of the Trescalan Belvedere in La Turballe, you can admire a wide view of the landscape stretching from the mouth of the Loire river to the Vilaine river, and towards the sea and the Grande Brière.

From the belvedere terrace, the peninsula’s highest viewpoint, you can discover another side of La Turballe and its surroundings.

Thanks to a panoramic telescope, Brière and the Morbihan islands will seem very close.

A 33-metre tall bell tower stands on the hillside, 45 metres above sea level. To get to it, you’ll need to climb 110 steps. After just one step, you’ll be able to see the dome shape of the church.

At the time of construction, the upper part of the bell tower was finished off with a dome roof.


In the 17th century, the people of Trescalan and inhabitants of neighbouring hamlets often walked to religious services in Guérande on poorly maintained paths.

In 1698, Trescalan villagers petitioned for the construction of a chapel at the top of the hill. This chapel was built and dedicated to Notre-Dame de Miséricorde (Our Lady of Mercy).

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