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General rental terms and conditions

Our rental bicycles

For young children, written authorisation signed by their parents or by the person responsible for their welfare must be submitted.

Any day on which a rental begins will be due in full.

The rental is always payable in advance. No rental can be reimbursed, not even for bad weather or early return.

A deposit is required. You must provide proof of identity for the rental contract to be drawn up.

The lessee agrees to use the bicycle carefully and to provide for its maintenance.

The lessee is personally responsible for any infringement of the Highway Code, and is always responsible for any physical injuries and material damages caused by the use of the rented bicycle under their custody (Article 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code).

In the event of theft or an accident, a statement must immediately be made to the Police or Gendarmerie services and the leaser must be informed at the same time.

In the event of theft or if the lessee is responsible for an accident, then the lessee or their insurance should repair the damage suffered by the leaser (cost of replacement of the bicycle and commercial damage).

In such a case, the deposit will be retained by the leaser according to the value of the repair or the replacement of their loss.

The "Head of Family" insurance covers any damage caused to third parties by the lessee or by their young children.

The leaser is not insured against the theft of rental bicycles.

You must not:

  • alter the rented bicycle,
  • carry out any major repairs or modifications,
  • cycle on beaches or in seawater,
  • sublet the bicycle,
  • transport any passenger other than a young child unless an appropriate seat has been installed,
  • extend the rental without prior agreement. Should this happen, the initial rate will be applied for the entire duration of the rental.